The Western Maryland Railway : Fireballs and Black Diamonds

The Western Maryland Railway : Fireballs and Black Diamonds


          “The Western Maryland Railway, organized in 1852, grew substantially over the years by the inclusion of more than thirty separate companies before surrendering its independence in 1973 to C&O/B&O, soon to be known as the Chessie System.

          During its first century, the WM expanded from a local feeder line to a bridge route connecting the South, Midwest, and Eastern Seaboard. Although the Western Maryland was called the “Fast Freight Line”, much of its earnings derived from coal hauled from on-line mines in West Virginia, Maryland, and Pennsylvania. Though passenger service was never of major importance to WM, the road did run some attractive if plain locals and excursions – the later a tradition which ended with a flurry of steam-powered specials hosted in the early 1970s.

         In its later years, while certain large railroads declined, the Western Maryland continued to prosper by stressing sound management and traditional values. Friendly service, dedication, and emphasis on excellence allowed the WM to compete successfully.

          The authors devoted countless hours to exploring, photographing, and researching Western Maryland, having found it of special interest because of its style of operations, its motive power, and the region it served. Their book is unique in combining a concise history, a wealth of outstanding photographs, and a decidedly personal approach.

Profusely illustrated with more than 400 scenic and action photos of the Western Maryland at work; with a bibliography and locomotives notes.”

          ~ From the dust jacket of The Western Maryland Railway : Fireballs and Black Diamonds by Roger Cook & Karl Zimmerman.

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