The Plant System

The Plant System

          The Plant System by Gregg M. Turner and Seth H. Bramson.  Hardbound, copyright 2004. 144 pages of vintage photographs and maps.

          “The Plant System of Railroads, Steamships and Hotels was founded in the 19th century by Connecticut native Henry Bradley Plant (1819-1899). After spending much of his career in the express package business, Plant began to create a railroad system below Charleston, South Carolina. His greatest challenges came in peninsula Florida during the 1880s and 1890s, where newcomers and tourists were arriving in droves. When completed, Plant’s railroad fiefdom embraced 2,235 miles of track in four states. To augment his railroad interests, the former “captain’s boy” operated steamboat services, owning among other firms the popular Plant Steamship Line out of Port Tampa, Florida. His fleet of vessels served many destinations, such as Key West, Havana, Mobile, Fort Meyers, Jacksonville and the maritime provinces of Canada. Always solicitous of the traveling public, tourists and businessmen, Plant also established a chain of eight distinctive hotels in central and southwest Florida, among them the famed Tampa Bay Hotel, which is today home to the University of Tampa and the Henry B. Plant Museum. This lovely and authoritative history recounts how the Plant System became the South’s first great industrial enterprise. Rare photographs, ephemera, and a thoughtful text truly make this a book to savor and enjoy”.

          – From the dust jacket of The Plant System by Gregg M. Turner and Seth H. Bramson.

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