Reading Diesels Volume II

Reading Diesels Volume II

          Reading Diesels Volume II by Dale W. Woodland.  Hardbound, copyright 1995.

          “This second volume of Reading Diesels describes the locomotives the Reading Railroad placed in service between 1962 and 1974. In addition, locomotives rebuilt by the Reading and the changes in locomotive classification and numbering introduced during these years are included. While the variety of locomotives in the second generation was less than that of the first, the new bright paint schemes were far more colorful. Studies are included that explain the rationale behind the switch to second generation locomotives. The Reading was the first railroad to purchase the EMD GP30, the first of the second generation diesel locomotives. In a less successful venture the reading also purchased the American Locomotive Company’s first C430 models and ceremoniously gave names to these two companies. A description of the Reading’s attempt to meet the challenges of declining passenger train ridership by acquiring a fleet of Budd Rail Diesel Cars in the 1960’s is examined. While many of the railroad’s locomotives shared features in common with locomotives from other railroads across the United States it had perhaps more than its share of locomotives with custom features. The unique drip strips, a feature which sets apart all Reading diesel locomotives, were applied to all second generation locomotives, continuing a practice that began when the Reading dieselized. An attempt has been made to update the existence and location of former Reading second generation diesels into the 1990’s. The book contains freight train symbols, schedules and locomotive tonnage ratings, as well as a look a what each locomotive was doing, and where it could be found, on June 30, 1969. This information should be especially useful for those modeling the Reading in this era. An interesting study made by the railroad of its six axle locomotives is included. The appendix of the book features and all-time diesel locomotive profile of Reading diesel locomotives from 1926 to 1976, a complete roster and a list of preserved Reading diesel locomotives.”

          – From the dusjacket of Reading Diesels Volume II by Dale W. Woodland.


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