Reading Diesels Volume I

Reading Diesels Volume I

          Reading Diesels Volume I by Dale W. Woodland.  Hardbound, copyright 1991.

          “In Volume I the reader will become acquainted with the fascinating variety of diesel locomotives on the Reading between 1926 and 1961. The Reading had a variety unmatched by any other American railroad with units from AGEIR, Alco, EMD, Baldwin, and Fairbanks Morse. The reasons for the railroad’s switch from steam to diesel power will become obvious as the data accumulated by the Reading will show. This volume also chronicles the development of the diesel from yard switcher to road freight and road passenger service. A description of the tests performed on the Reading by demonstrator locomotives from each of the builders is also included. This book contains 215 color photographs, some of which were taken in the late 1940’s and early 1950’s. Train operation and roster information will aid those interested in knowing the story of the Reading in the post-World War II era. Photographs and data about dispositions of units to other railroads are included. Finally, data containing locomotive assignments, dates of service, and retirements will aid model railroaders who are serious about duplicating the operations of the Reading.”

          – From the dustjacket of Reading Diesels Volume I by Dale W. Woodland


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