Misconceptions About House Painting

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You don’t have to avoid using color for your ceiling. If you opt for a neutral color for walls and moldings, a colored ceiling can really give life to space.


Dark colors make a room smaller.


The colors of dark walls tend to blur the edges of a room, which can give the impression of a larger space. Of course, the feeling of a room is more a question of mood than of size. So keep in mind that a darker color will generally make the space more intimate and more comfortable, while a lighter color will make it feel fresher and more peaceful.


With the use of the right supplements, white can be very warm. Here, the touches of raw wood are enough to complete the decor.

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All walls must be the same color.


A little color is enough to define a separate area or to separate without adding walls or repositioning furniture in a room. The key to a harmonious piece is repetition, which is as simple as recalling the accent of color with small touches through neighboring pieces, like accessories or works.


White is not suitable for a kitchen.


One might mistakenly believe that it is necessary at all costs to avoid white in the kitchen, a room in the house in constant effervescence where the risks of stains on the walls are undoubtedly the highest. However, painting a kitchen in white can instantly brighten and energize the room. What is more, this color offers a thousand and one possibilities for decoration. Backsplashes, countertops, flooring, decorative accessories, appliances, and cabinets can match almost any pattern, color, and texture in a white kitchen.


Primer and paint are the same things.


The purpose of the primer, painters Roseville believes, is to prepare the surface to receive the paint. Not only does it provide a barrier between the previous color and the new shade is chosen, but it also acts as a protective adhesive.


In some cases, depending on the finish chosen, it can even ensure a smoother and more uniform result.

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