Lehigh Valley Railroad: The New York Division

Lehigh Valley Railroad: The New York Division

  “This book chronicles the last twenty or so years of the Lehigh Valley Railroad.  The author grew up along the Lehigh Valley mainline, and also worked for the railroad.  The book, written from a railroader’s perspective, gives the reader an insight into and appreciation of what it was like to work for and operate trains over The Route of the Black Diamond.

          The author and his brothers became friends with and were adopted by many of the Lehigh Valley family.  And because of this kinship, the reader will see many interesting views of railroaders at work that otherwise would not be possible.

          At many slide shows. the author had noted a lack of “people pictures”.  Since people were and still are what makes the railroad run, he concentrated much of his photo selection to include the people of the Lehigh Valley Railroad.

          Many distinguished photographers have contributed their work to this album of the LVRR’s declining years through which, hopefully, the reader will acquire a better understanding of what the waning years of a once-great railroad were like. 

          This book is not the typical run-of-the-mill color book about a railroad.  It is a book on the history of the people who ran this colorful and scenic line as seen through the eyes of someone who loved it.  The book is written as a tribute to the employees of the Lehigh Valley railroad.  It was their spirit and will that kept the railroad operating as l;ing as it did.  Not many railroads were blessed with such good people.

          So, read on – enjoy the scenery and colorful diesels – but always remember that it was the employees that made all this possible.”

-From the dust jacket of Lehigh Valley Railroad:  The New York Division by Mike Bednar.

Told in 152 pages, 290 color pictures, and 20 maps and other supporting materials.

OUR PRICE: $52.50 (includes free shipping in the Continental U.S. and all applicable sales tax).



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