Josiah White, Quaker Entrepreneur

Josiah White, Quaker Entrepreneur

Josiah White Quaker Entrepreneur by Norris Hansell.  Hardbound, 172 pages, copyright 1992.

     “Josiah White is known to historians as a man of vision, a man whose determination and engineering skills enabled him and his partner, Eriskine Hazard, to create one of America’s pioneering coal transportation systems. He is remembered as a builder of might locks and dams, a railroad that used gravity for propulsion, and delicate iron bridges. Yet Josiah White the family man, the devoted Quaker, the farseeing philanthropist, had been lost to twentieth-century Americans until the publication of Norris Hansell’s Josiah White: Quaker Entrepreneur. In this work, Dr. Hansell has exposed the complete man and revealed to modern readers a Josiah White who possessed many fascinating qualities including sharp powers of observation of the events and conditions of his times. Dr. Hansell reveals Josiah White’s continuing impact on modern America not only through the continuing transportation revolution that he originally helped set in motion, but also through the charitable institutions he founded that continue to serve mankind.”

– From the Introduction to Josiah White Quaker Entrepreneur by Norris Hansell

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