Ideas, Tips & Tricks For Hallway Painting

Painting Ideas for Roseville CA Homes

In this article, you will discover 18 ideas in photos to finally decide on the painting of your corridor. Each idea is accompanied by a summary that deciphers the choice of paint as well as the other aspects of the corridor relating to decoration and layout. Now lets discuss painting the corridor.

1 – Opt for a clear & classic corridor paint

With suitable lighting, clear paint can bring light into the corridor. To offer a contrasting effect with white paint, you can, as in the corridor above, install a black hanging unit and even accessorize with frames to display photos. Discover our other solutions to compensate for the lack of light in your apartment.

Why it works: simple, elegant, classic – the white corridor always works!

2 – Play on the black/white contrast

A white side, a black side! The choice of these paintings allows us to offer a very interesting contrast; it also brings certain originality in the corridor while remaining in a relatively classic and chic decor universe.

Why it works: to bring character to the corridor while remaining classic and chic, the black/white contrast is a sure bet. You can play on this contrast with painting, or with decorative objects and accessories.

3 – Paint white, complete with decoration

The numerous accessories and decorative objects give life to this all-white corridor.

Why it works: if you don’t want to paint or repaint the walls, adding wall decoration will transform the corridor and bring it to life.

4 – Dress up a white hallway with a carpet and a wooden bench

The carpet and the wooden bench allow warming the space in a corridor painted in white.

5 – Use a black carpet to contrast with the white walls

A corridor with white painted walls and a black carpet to dress and contrast

Here is another example of a hallway with white painted walls. This photo illustrates the use of a black carpet, which allows both to bring a warmer atmosphere to this place of passage while offering a contrast of colors.

6 – Put a graphic carpet to dress in a white corridor.

We now discover an entrance hallway. This space is frankly not the easiest to decorate and arrange… It must indeed be functional for everyday use (for example, being able to store shoes easily when coming home), but also warm because it is the first thing people will discover about your home (the first impression counts!).

7 – White paint for the entrance hall 

After starting on a good base, you can install a discreet wall cabinet to store the shoes and finish by dressing the floor with a nice graphic rug.

Why it works: the carpet is a smart accessory to favor for the corridor. It allows you to heat, dress, contrast … And it is possible to find something for all budgets!

8 – Contrast the wall and the floor

A corridor with a dark black floor and white paint for the walls – guaranteed contrast!

White on the walls contrasts with a black floor. Combining a dark floor with light paint for the walls is a simple, effective, and very chic decorative tip – we validate!

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