Five Ideas To Paint Your Entrance

House Painting Roseville CA

Careful entry is essential, and not just at the theater! Indeed, there is only once the opportunity to make a good first impression. So, what if we were to stage the entrance hall of our house today? Here are five different ideas to play with color and welcome your friends and family as it should be!

Paint The Bases To Create Volume

As the light colors separate the walls, it is appropriate to juxtapose a dark shade under the base to a light color in the second part of the wall. You will get a dynamic piece!

Draw Geometric Shapes

Giving cheerfulness, pep, positive vibes from the entrance of the house can be done with colored areas demarcated. This is also called color zoning.

Play On Height By Painting The Ceiling

If your ceiling is low, your entrance hall can quickly become stuffy. To repel the walls, opt for a neutral color and a light blue painted on the ceiling. The eye will be trapped in this celestial illusion. On the other hand, avoid painting the baseboards in color different from the walls.

Painting Colors In Roseville

Choose Warm Colors

Since you don’t spend your whole day in your hallway, you can afford bolder colors than in living rooms. The proof with these entrances where coral, green, turquoise blue brings modernity and style to the hall of the house.